In last 35 years Microsoft produced 12K millionaires

(Almost) on this day, 35 years ago, Microsoft stock goes public. It is said that it has made 3 billionaires and ~12K millionaires of its employees.

  1. Kaleidoscope’s Xcode Debugger Integration - Wonderful diffing tool brings ksp and kspo commands in lldb. Subsequent calls of that command on an object shows diffs between the runs.
  2. Monitoring in the time of Cloud Native - Very thorough analysis of monitoring. It’s rather backend stuff, however I’d argue it is no less important for mobile, when logging is sadly often limited to Firebase (and surprisingly, recommended by Google)
  3. It’s probably time to stop recommending Clean Code - Well argued why Clean Code is not so clean. In short: wise rules, not followed in code samples. So, how to teach to code in a book promising it in the title with dreadful code? Also about its alternative: A Philosophy of Software Design. My one of the best books about software. If you have to remember one thing from it, let it be: Modules should be deep. See other reviews: Will’s, Gergely’s, Johz’s (which led me to the critique, and who admires the same principle), and Clarie’s.
  4. Measures of engineering impact - It’s not about productivity (lead time or failure rate) but on how to translate your work to business results. And yes, I’m recommending Will’s work again, and I’m definitely not doing it for the last time. Actually, go and read what he writes instead of this blog - it’s much better. If you stayed, here’s more pragmatic advice on the importance of the impact: How I Doubled My Salary as an Engineer in My 30s.
  5. Mobile Platform Teams - If you are in anything bigger than five mobile engineers, create a platform team. It works at my workplace, it worked at Uber, N26, Twitter, and Amazon. Actually, once I was a part of a project, where we were two, and one was focused on fast features delivery, and I was doing all the plumbing. And it worked great. It’s also Gergely again – same as Will’s work: it will appear here again, and it’s highly recommended.