168 years of Steinway pianos

On the same day, 168 years ago, in 1853, Heinrich Steinweg founded well-known piano company Steinway & Sons.

  1. Essays on programming - Important essays in applied computer science in convinient weekly newsletter. All of them are very close to my experience with software. Read at least one (let say Sandy’s, The Wrong Abstraction) but better all of them.
  2. Objective or biased - Exactly the same person recorded in glasses looks “more diligent” than without, according to AI. With headscarf AI gives lower grades on openness but much lower neurotism. You add picture on your white wall and you earn more on openness, agreeableness, extroversion, and conscientiousness, but lower neurotism. You have darker view and change is the opposite (hint: invest in decent lights for your Zoom calls, I did it, but before reading it, haha)
  3. A forty year career - How you should think about your career. Not all jobs, nor stages in your career are equal. At the beginning you focus on learning, yet further along you should focus on profits. Don’t forget about people, prestige and pace, too. And don’t mix it up. BTW. Two recent books by Will: Staff Engineer and An Elegant Puzzle are true gems.
  4. Mobile at Scale - Title says it all, Gergely’s rather brief in details but very wide characteristic of non-trival software projects in mobile. Second part, Growing as a Mobile Engineer, pretty short, but contains well summarized ways of… growing as mobile engineer. Master of titles? Nope, the content is also very valuable. Give it a try.
  5. Dependencies app - If you want to have high overview and complexity on your Xcode project (amount of objects, links and entropy), this nifty little app can give you a lot of insights and show what depends on what.