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WWDC 2021 Watchlist

✅ Platforms State of the Union What’s new What‘s new in Swift What’s new in Foundation ✅ What’s new in SwiftUI 102 What’s new in App Analytics What’s new in App Clips What’s new in UIKit What’s new in watchOS 8 What’s new in Wallet and Apple Pay Xcode Cloud Distribute apps in Xcode with cloud signing ✅ Meet Xcode Cloud Customize your advanced Xcode Cloud workflows Explore Xcode Cloud workflows Xcode Explore advanced project configuration in Xcode Triage TestFlight crashes in Xcode Organizer Elevate your DocC documentation in Xcode Review code and collaborate in Xcode Meet DocC documentation in Xcode Tools Ultimate application performance survival guide ✅ Detect bugs early with the static analyzer Diagnose Power and Performance regressions in your app Build interactive tutorials using DocC Understand and eliminate hangs from your app Discover breakpoint improvements Symbolication: Beyond the basics Detect and diagnose memory issues Discover and curate Swift Packages using Collections Diagnose unreliable code with test repetitions New/modernized features Send communication and Time Sensitive notifications Secure login with iCloud Keychain verification codes Showcase app data in Spotlight Qualities of great iPad and iPhone apps on Macs with M1 Meet Group Activities Build dynamic iOS apps with the Create ML framework Mitigate fraud with App Attest and DeviceCheck Use the camera for keyboard input in your app Streamline your localized strings Add intelligence to your widgets Move beyond passwords Meet the Location Button Sync files to the cloud with FileProvider on macOS Create image processing apps powered by Apple Silicon Explore WKWebView additions Get ready for iCloud Private Relay Network Analyze HTTP traffic in Instruments Reduce network delays for your app Optimize for 5G networks Accelerate networking with HTTP/3 and QUIC App Store Get ready to optimize your App Store product page SwiftUI Direct and reflect focus in SwiftUI Discover concurrency in SwiftUI Demystify SwiftUI Localize your SwiftUI app SwiftUI on the Mac: Build the fundamentals SwiftUI Accessibility: Beyond the basics Craft search experiences in SwiftUI SF Symbols in SwiftUI Add rich graphics to your SwiftUI app Design The process of inclusive design Discoverable design Principles of great widgets Create custom symbols Build interfaces with style What’s new in SF Symbols Swift ARC in Swift: Basics and beyond Meet the Swift Algorithms and Collections packages Make blazing fast lists and collection views Write a DSL in Swift using result builders Concurrency Protect mutable state with Swift actors Explore structured concurrency in Swift Bring Core Data concurrency to Swift and SwiftUI Use async/await with URLSession Meet AsyncSequence Swift concurrency: Behind the scenes Swift concurrency: Update a sample app Meet async/await in Swift