Tux is working as a mascot for 25 years already

May 9th, 1996 Linux gets Tux as its mascot.

Credit: gg3po, Iwan Gabovitch

  1. Shitlist Driven Development - if you have big refactoring ongoing, better be clear on what’s deprecated and do not allow deprecated API. In Swift, SwiftLint custom rules can prevent such misuse, or the simplest and very powerful Swift API Availability (@available attribute)
  2. 20 Unagile Things to Avoid Saying and Some Better Alternatives - very well formed, and often seen. Just one quote out of twenty:

    Avoid talking about “technical debt” when there is no plan to pay the accrued deficit back, or the liability incurred thus far is unmanaged and unknown. If they are in truth unquantified losses, call them that.

  3. Do You Really Need a Test Plan? - test plans face typical documentation problems: being outdated, high build and maintenance effort, or being written just to please management requirements. So, if you are not legally required or you are not a part of big organization, then better don’t care so much about formal test plan. However, documentation (and plans) are communication channels, so try to build something quick, informal like a spreadsheet.
  4. Xcode 12.5 Simulator: How to Record Videos and Animated GIFs – finally easy and simple way to get gifs.
  5. Three crucial skills that leaders must develop to become executives - might seem boring, but it’s not at all. Just an intro and “terminology” gives clear overview of the paths in career. And when you stuck (or will stuck) as a leader, you need to leave comfort zone (oh, wait, isn’t it what all the coaches say?), focus more on “human skills” (aka “soft skills”) and rely on your team.