38 years ago $200 could buy 1kg of computer with 10KB RAM

On this day, 38 years ago, Osborne Executive was announced. Better than predecessor, 7 inch amber CRT, 13 kg, 124 KB RAM, 4Mhz, and hefty $2495 (eqiv. $6405 in 2019). Yet, still pushed the company to go bankrupt, because it got announced too early before the real launch, and customers cancelled orders for the machines available on the market. For more, see Osborne effect.

Osborne Executive

Today a lot of iOS goodies, I didn’t post for 2 weeks because of holidays and overwhelming spring weather weakness.

  1. High quality audio makes you sound smarter. As I mentioned earlier AI would grade you better in light conditions. Now, research among people says that you are percieved smarter, your talk is more interesting, you are more liked, and the research more important when you “sound good”, literally with a good microphone. So, invest not only in your lights, but in your microphone (I have Snowball iCE)
  2. Every SwiftUI protocol explained. It’s like checklist when you need to buy a car. Same when you need (or want) to use SwiftUI. all 54 of them:
    • 4 Core: View, ViewModifier, App, Scene
    • 19 Styles: ButtonStyle, DatePickerStyle, GaugeStyle, GroupBoxStyle, IndexViewStyle, LabelStyle, ListStyle, MenuButtonStyle, MenuStyle, NavigationViewStyle, PickerStyle, PrimitiveButtonStyle, ProgressViewStyle, ShapeStyle, TabViewStyle, TextFieldStyle, ToggleStyle, WindowStyle, WindowToolbarStyle
    • 3 Widgets: Widget, WidgetBundle, WidgetConfiguration
    • 2 Shapes: Shape, InsettableShape
    • 4 Animations: Animatable, AnimatableModifier, GeometryEffect, VectorArithmetic
    • 2 Environments: EnvironmentKey, EnvironmentalModifier
    • 3 Previews: PreviewContext, PreviewContextKey, PreviewProvider
    • 5 Legacy bridges: UIViewControllerRepresentable, UIViewRepresentable, NSViewControllerRepresentable, NSViewRepresentable, WKInterfaceObjectRepresentable
    • 2 Responder chain: Commands, FocusedValueKey
    • 2 Toolbar: ToolbarContent, CustomizableToolbarContent
    • 2 Documents: FileDocument, ReferenceFileDocument
    • 6 One-off protocols: AlignmentID, PreferenceKey, DropDelegate, DynamicProperty, DynamicViewContent, Gesture
  3. TextBuilder. Nifty library to simplify concatenation of Texts in SwiftUI
    var loremIpsum: Text {
        Text("ipsum dolor")
        Text("amet, consectetur")
  4. Johnathan Rasmusson’s My number one tip for becoming a better iOS developer with complimentary iOS Starter Kit. Great way of learning and practicing iOS development to the highest levels: over 170 small tasks on every single topic needed in iOS. From Arrays to Responder Chain.
  5. Designing API using Combine framework and Using Combine’s futures and subjects. Both on similar subject: Futures in Combine.